“For a secure future, we must make swift efforts to reduce greenhouse gases emissions. But, even the most ambitious plan, may not have an effect quickly enough to ensure the safety of people and the stability of the natural systems that sustain them”.

Why is energy saving important?

More than 80% of the energy generated worldwide comes from the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, gas, and oil. It represents more than 50% of greenhouse gas emissions. They produce large amounts of carbon dioxide, methane, carbon monoxide, and nitrous oxide among others. 

These emissions, in addition to contributing greatly to the greenhouse effect, cause acid rain that alter the conditions of rivers and lakes causing disorders in aquatic species and soils.

Since energy generation is the primary source of emissions, we must act responsibly and eliminate unnecessary consumption from our daily habits.


Leaving our footprint...

The most important thing today is to make efficient use of the energy generated and to make an effort to achieve savings in its consumption. The objective is to reduce energy demand, and, as a consequence, reduce damage to the environment. This conduct will bring an additional benefit by obtaining savings on our electricity bill. 

To achieve this, it’s very important to produce deep changes in consumption habits, such as turning off the lights in rooms where there is no one and disconnecting the electrical appliances that we do not use since they consume energy even when switched off.