INNOVAR CONTEST - Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of Argentina

With more than 17 years of experience, the National Innovation Contest  “INNOVAR” is a pioneering initiative that promotes innovation and rewards those who dare to invent, design and develop products and services.

The projects are awarded with the aim of promoting inventions with a high social and commercial impact that promote the transfer of knowledge and technology to the productive sector. The objective is to encourage a national innovative culture and improve the quality of life of the entire society

Winner of the Gold Medal of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
By World Intellectual Property Organization · oct. 2022 

The WIPO National Award for Inventors is offered by national organizations to outstanding inventors. Particular attention is given to those who have made inventions which are considered to be significant contributions to the economic and technological development of their countries. 

Candidates for the WIPO National Award for Inventors must have obtained or applied for a patent or utility model for their innovation. 

WIPO National Awards are offered in the context of international exhibitions or competitions at the highest national level (such as the International Exhibition of Inventions, Geneva, or the Seoul International Invention Fair).

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Finalist project in Innovar Contest of Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation

Lumaa was chosen among more than 1700 projects from Universities, Companies and Inventors from all over the country.

Our development was invited to participate in the mega-expo of science, technology, industry and art, based in Argentina, and the largest in Latin America, called Tecnópolis.

As a result of the commitment and effort of his entire team, Lumaa managed to transform this project into a totally innovative product for energy saving, which proposes to reduce unnecessary consumption of energy by 100%, both at home and in the office.

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